Seven Hands of Orcus

Entry 2: Ambush Alley

Ambush Alley:
The group travels for a day. Sleeps a rainy night in the edge of the Asparamyst forest. They find an old underground hole or tunnel that looks as if it has been unused for over a year. They find Elven bones in a metal pot as well, hinting that this was the camping area of some uncouth vermin, possibly Goblins. They spend an unpleasant but uneventful night and head out in the morning. After some time on the road, they come to the pass known as Ambush Alley as the road turns into a large gully perfect for an ambush. The area lives up to its name as the party is immediately ambushed by Goblins. While the group is rounding a bend, Dorian is struck by a Goblin crossbow bolt laced with a potent poison and falls to the ground paralyzed. The rest of the party, manages to kill two Goblins and the attacks cease. Delell must carry Dorian as they continue on-ward.

As it seems the road is fraught with dangers, Ithilwyn and Azalynn move off the road and scout ahead through the forest, keeping an eye out for more marauders or bandits. They come to an area where the road passes through a more dense vegetation. Rhiannon sees something ahead in the road. It looks as if someone needs help. She takes off at a sprint towards them. Ithilwyn and Azalynn cannot tell what she has seen so they following her but are moving through the woods, off of the road. When they get closer, the see Rhiannon face down in the road. The also see a naked gnome waving his arm for help, in the road 40 feet or so further down the road than Rhiannon. Ithilwyn and Azalynn slow their pace as they suspect something is not right. Brave Delell moves forward brazenly down the road towards Rhiannon. As he comes closer, a bolt whizzes down the road and into his chest. Delell stiffens, and falls face first and ass up onto the dirt road. It’s an ambush and it looks like the same tactics the Goblins were using before. Ithilwyn and Azalynn, try to close distance hiding behind trees and moving a quietly as they can. They close the distance and Azalynn identifies that there are 4 Goblins to the left of the road in the bushes. And now, it is apparent that there are more Goblins than upright members of their group. The entire party, save Ithilwyn and Azalynn are downed and paralyzed. Their guide Irky is far back down the road watching over Dorian. Azalynn and Ithilwyn move apart so they can fire upon the Goblins from different angles. Azalynn kneels down and fires her bow. Her aim is true and strikes the closest Goblin. Ithilwyn then snipes from behind a tree, hitting and felling the Goblin Azalynn had just struck. The Goblins are now aware that there are more. They turn and fire their poisoned bolts, sinking one into Azalynn who slides to the ground. Ithilwyn, now very much alone in her battle needs to think. She stands motionless and without a breath behind a tree contemplating her next move. Whatever it is, it has to be good. There are 3 Goblins with poisoned darts remaining and the rest of the party is incapacitated. She determines to lull them into a false sense of security. Several minutes go by and the Goblins start to move out of their hiding places next to the road. Each time the Goblins move or talk, Ithilwyn uses their noise as a cover to close the distance between herself and her foes. The Goblins move into the road and stab paralyzed Delell. Ithilwyn must act. She has gotten much closer and fires her bow at the Goblin that just stabbed Delell – missing. Now they know she is there. The Goblins take cover behind the downed party members and fire back but they don’t see her and miss. A fire fight is going to be too dangerous. From the woods, deep threatening guttural sounds come forth. (For those who speak Orcish “How dare you. You vermin. Drop your weapons and flee me or face my wrath.”) The Goblins seem to become a bit nervous, calling out in their skittering language. Several seconds go by and the Goblins fly into a panic. The one next to Delell, drops his weapon and does his best to crawl under Delell to hide, the one behind Rhiannon shrieks and flees into the thicket of brambles trying to flee. The last one next to Rhiannon, calls out defiantly, stabs Rhiannon several times and then starts to run away down the road. Ithilwyn has made her opportunity; she moves quickly, gliding out of the forest. Jumping through the air, she kicks Delell to the side, and lands straddled over the Goblin. She lets fly her arrow and it pierces the Goblin’s wicked eye into its brain. Azalynn emerges from the forest, having shaken the effects of the poison. Ithilwyn points down the road to the fleeing Goblin Captain. Azalynn takes just a moment for a carefully aimed shot and then looses her arrow. Azalynn’s aim is true and her arrow pierces the heart of the fleeing foe, killing it. It seems the worst of the battle is over. Ithilwyn walks calmly to the last Goblin who in its panic has dropped his crossbow and is stuck in the brambles of the thicket. Ithilwyn takes the Goblin’s crossbow bolt and stabs the vermin several times. The last Goblin goes limp. This battle, it seems, has ended.

Slowly, certain members are coming out of their paralysis. Zook, the naked Gnome goes off into the woods with Irky to find his clothes. Azalynn goes to the woods to try to find something that will fight off the paralysis. Delell, takes the dead Goblins one by one in the woods to dispose of the bodies away from the road. Ithilwyn stays to watch over Dorian and Rhiannon. She does what she can to comfort them and she tells them a story to pass the time.

Zook returns and informs the group that he followed the Goblin tracks to an underground tunnel but it was getting dark so he did not go in to explore or search for his clothes. Delell returns and takes over guard duty. Ithilwyn goes to the forest the opposite way of where Zook said he found the passage, in order to find them a place for the night, which she does. She then returns to the group, leads them to the campsite. Azalynn follows their tracks to the campsite and arrives with mushrooms and dinner. Azalynn mixes the mushrooms and makes a concoction that she feeds the still paralyzed Dorian.



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